Cobblestone Wall | Substance Material

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Cobblestone Wall | Substance Material

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UHLD3D_CobblestoneWall_V1.zip containing:


6 pre-exported 4K .png textures (AO, BaseColor, Height, Metallic, Normal and Roughness)

6 pre-exported 2K .png textures (AO, BaseColor, Height, Metallic, Normal and Roughness)


A detailed cobblestone wall material created entirely in Substance Designer. You can use it in a personal or commercial Product (depending on the license) or take a look at the graph and see how it is constructed. Please beware, that currently the "FloodFill"-Node and the corresponding nodes can lead to problems when exporting the material as .sbsar file. It works with Substance Player but if you want to use it in Unity, Unreal, Maya or any other Software besides Substance Designer I strongly recommend just using the Textures. Thank you.

You can find additional renders on my portfolio:


Single User, Indie and Studio licenses are available. Redistribution or resale of any of the contents of this product is prohibited, unless as embedded components of electronic/interactive media.


Compatible with Substance Engine v6. and you need Substance Designer 2018.3.3 to open the .sbs file. Preview images rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

This product is non-refundable.

Website - www.uhl3d.at

ArtStation - https://www.artstation.com/hawk33

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